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Date: March 20, 2017

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Audibel Hearing Centers

Medical / Audiologists

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WHY DO I HEAR. BUT NOT UNDERSTAND? Study by Cambridge University in England Reveals Key Answer Until recently, there was amplification, no practical way to identity thereby improv- dead regions of hearing cells g speech un- n the car. However, a new derstanding in British developed proced using standard test cquip- "We are em- ment now allows for identi ploying a like fication of dead hearing cel regions. The study suggests diagnostic that the presence or absence sound booths of dead regions may have using a sound mplications n the field speech in fitting of hearing aids, noise proce- This research reveals that dure," said amplifying dead cells is a Allan Krebs, mistake which will result in National poorer speech understand. known hearing the smallest digital models. noise A new type of the first time,a During its release, Audibel patient is digitally programmable mi- "This test simulates hear. able to actually realize the gina noisy crowd. We are exact percentage of speech able to determine maximum earing Center oflieesate crocircuit is now available offering this new frequency- using nano Science technol- understanding improvement shaping hearing instrument ogy that can be programmed speech understanding by in noisy listening environ- on a 30-day satisfaction to bypass the dead cells As requency shaping this new trial. Call the office nearest hearing aid The results a result the patient's us- These new products come you for ano obligation ap- able hearing cells receive have been phenomenal. For in all shell sizes, including pointment. "I've Got Good News! Allan Krebs Hearing Computer Unnoticed in Ears No interest FREE Demonstrations 3 Days Only March 2 23rd Call Now! Alan Krebs Heoring Aid Expert magine hearing aid gives a new meaning ever developed to ad you owe it to your- that automatically to the phr ase cusaem- dress your most impor- self to take advan- adapts to your tant needs. No only tage of the free IFeli, imagine does it your indi MICRO SPECIAL and reflects your more with vidual hearing loss, o ffered this week. COMPUTER specific lifestyle this new break- fits the way you live. Call the office CHIP NOW! through technol. If you hear, but are nearest you today magine hear. ing aid that is so ogy, here comes having trouble under- for a wear that it the first hearing aid standing conversation, appointment. COMPUTER ASSISTED FITTING Bring in the talk ALLOWS PATIENTS TO SEETHEIR screen down the noise" HEARING POP INTO FOCUS 100% Digital Hearing Aid Technology SAVE Audibel Start Classic 8 $1500 Off WAS $1,499 each Now $989 each CALL THE OFFICE CLOSE8T TO YOU FOR YOUR NO CO8T NO OBLIGATION, FREE HEARING 8CREENINGI We are providers for most Gephardt insurance companies nterest Payments AUDIBEL Hearing Centers Starkey HEARING Money backguarantee NORTH SALT LAKE BRIGHAM CITY 4033 Riverdale Rd. 4 North 100 East 95 W. 100 Souh,Unit 320 940 N 400 E, Ste M7 801-682-1176 801-657-5879 435-363-4543 435-363-0272 oudibelogden coma audibelnorthsohlokekiry.com audibelbrighomeitrcom