HOW TOCHOOSECome in andsee us todayfor a FREE trialand enter toWIN $500South OgdenOSSROADSfitness1394 E. 6000S. | S. Ogden801-479-3488Visit On "Your PrimeMore people join gymsin January than in anyother month, but are you.itt obusy,Work.Lookrewe hat otheros sof. Look Beyond the Deals Whenyou're weighing the costs ofcrowded?still showing up in September,. Keeping It Clean - Do theypotential gyms, it can pay ineven a couple months later?Finding a gym you like andmore importantly, one you feelcomfortable at and supported canbe hard to find. The experiencecan make or break whether a gymkeeps you as a member. Withso many gym's out there now,choosing the right one can betough.continue at working tomaintain a clean facility? Is theequipment well maintained?the long run to sign up for themore expensive option. Bargaingyms often keep members thatstop going because the amountmoney they pay is so lowDo They Have Options - Is therea variety of classes? Do theyhave membership options? Dothey have a variety of equipment?Invest in Your Membership -Putting money down on trainingor group programs that arescheduled is like protection foryour investment. If you are heldaccountable and can see results,you're going to stick with it.Check the Culture Does it fall inthey don't take the time tocancel their memberships. Theyfigure, hey, it's only this muchmoney, eventually I'll get backthere. But you can guilt yourselfinto going by spending just aHere are some tips:ew dolldollars more, enough wherefeels like it's a real waste ifyou don't make it at least once.Be Local - Close to home isalways great.or twice a week.New Class Schedule Out Now!! View our schedule @

Date: February 13, 2018

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South Ogden Crossroads Fitness

Beauty and Wellness / Fitness Centers

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HOW TO CHOOSE Come in and see us today for a FREE trial and enter to WIN $500 South Ogden OSSROADS fitness 1394 E. 6000S. | S. Ogden 801-479-3488 Visit On "Your Prime M ore people join gyms in January than in any other month, but are you .itt obusy,Work .Lookrewe hat otheros sof . Look Beyond the Deals When you're weighing the costs of crowded? still showing up in September, . Keeping It Clean - Do they potential gyms, it can pay in even a couple months later? Finding a gym you like and more importantly, one you feel comfortable at and supported can be hard to find. The experience can make or break whether a gym keeps you as a member. With so many gym's out there now, choosing the right one can be tough. continue at working to maintain a clean facility? Is the equipment well maintained? the long run to sign up for the more expensive option. Bargain gyms often keep members that stop going because the amount money they pay is so low Do They Have Options - Is there a variety of classes? Do they have membership options? Do they have a variety of equipment? Invest in Your Membership - Putting money down on training or group programs that are scheduled is like protection for your investment. If you are held accountable and can see results, you're going to stick with it. Check the Culture Does it fall in they don't take the time to cancel their memberships. They figure, hey, it's only this much money, eventually I'll get back there. But you can guilt yourself into going by spending just a Here are some tips: ew doll dollars more, enough where feels like it's a real waste if you don't make it at least once .Be Local - Close to home is always great. or twice a week. New Class Schedule Out Now!! View our schedule @